The teaching is based on a book that is really good.

Giorgia Bolognesi
Sales Manager

I have started studying Chinese with Katia ( methodologist оf "Nihao-study") following the advise of a friend. Before this, I was looking for a teacher, but I couldn’t find somebody to fit my need. With Katia, everything has been easy from the very beginning. It is worth to give a separate comment on “Nihao-study” teaching method: the teaching is based on a book that is really good, and it actually even improved further such material. Katia adds to every bit of Grammar, Syntactic or Wording a bit of explanation about Chinese history and culture. This makes the lesson quite interesting, especially because to study a language means to study a culture as the two things are strictly connected. Despite I have been visiting China many times, every bit of information Katia gives during the lesson is very interesting as it puts any given action, way of behaving or thinking under a new light.

So, if you are thinking to start studying Chinese, I can give you this advice: think carefully if you will have the time to learn this nice language, as Chinese is time consuming, so if you are already working you have to be prepared to study in the evenings. For the rest, if you have decided to go ahead, you can be sure that a method like "Nihao-study"`s won’t let you down.